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Which kinds of cream bottles are common

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Cream is a more important category in cosmetics and medicines. The market share is relatively large. But the cream is neither a liquid nor a solid, it has a certain viscosity. Therefore, the cream bottle packaging will be different from other packaging types. Cream bottles currently on the market are mainly in the form of glass, plastic and hose. Among them, plastics are mainly made up of acrylic cream bottles.

The shape of the hose cream bottle, such as toothpaste, is usually loaded with facial cleanser, essence, and various lotions and creams. The hose type cream bottle helps to isolate the air and prevent the cosmetics from deteriorating. Some brand manufacturers make the matte type of the outer surface, which is very good in hand, easy to carry and light in weight, and is a "frequent visitor" in the female bag.

Cosmetics container wide mouth cream bottle This type is more common, flat shape, large opening makes people more convenient when applying, fingers can touch anywhere in the bottle, and its shape is also high-grade, However, the opening is too large, and each time the product is used, the cosmetic is exposed to the air in a large area. After a long time, it is more susceptible to contamination and deterioration. In terms of quality, it is poor in three types. But even this does not hinder people's love for it, most of the more expensive products such as face cream, most still use a wide mouth cream bottle.

The advantages are obvious for acrylic cream bottle packaging. 1. Acrylic cream bottle looks like glass, high-grade temperament, heavy feeling, especially the packaging demand of composite cosmetics. 2, acrylic cream bottle packaging is durable, glass cream bottle is easy to break. 3, acrylic cream bottle price is lower. These are the reasons why acrylic cream bottles are popular in the cosmetic packaging market.

Of course, there are some defects in the cosmetic plastic container acrylic cream bottle. First of all, the acrylic cream bottle has poor sealing performance, and bacteria are easily entered after the large diameter is opened. This is why medicinal creams do not use acrylic cream bottles. Secondly, the acrylic cream bottle packaging is not easy to squeeze, relatively speaking, the hose package extrusion is more convenient.

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