• Robert Xu

Several design forms of cosmetic packaging

Regardless of what kind of cosmetic packaging design classification is subdivided today, there are several types of content: liquid emulsion, solid particles or powdery, spray-shaped.

1. Liquids and emulsions are the most common in the market. There are many kinds of products, which are usually in different shapes of plastic bottles and plastic composite film bags of different specifications, or in the form of glass bottles, and then in packaging design. It is possible to appear on the market by adding a paper outer packaging. But no matter what kind of packaging form, the general design company mainly makes the outer packaging design.

Second, the most common types of solid particles, powders are the foundations, lipsticks, etc. used by girls. This type of packaging design is mainly packaged in paper, which is environmentally friendly and enhances product quality.

Third, spray-shaped products are mainly common in mousse, hair gel, etc., mainly in the form of metal plastic packaging design. Although there are many cosmetics in different brands, but in fact, his shape is just a few, so we can consider these several types when doing cosmetic packaging classification. Next, let's talk about how to do the outer packaging design of cosmetics.

1, in line with product features, this is very important, can not be designed like cosmetics, like food, it will make people illusion, even if you design this product is no good.

2, targeted, although all cosmetics, but some for young girls, some are aimed at middle-aged women in their 30s and 40s, so designers should be familiar with the aesthetics of the customer group, can not leave the customer.

3, refer to competitors, as the saying goes, knowing ourselves and knowing each other. Understanding competitors and defeating each other from packaging design is also a reasonable way to compete.

4. The packaging has the function of silent dumper in the terminal. The sales function of the packaging promotes the packaging design must be considered from the aspects of economy and practicality. The packaging design is influenced by the trade design, so the designer needs to change the style to the popular fashion. To win the favor of consumers.

5. If the cosmetics are developed for young people, the packaging design can be appropriately personalized. Nowadays, young people are trying their best to express their own personality. Designers can try to make a series of designs full of personality to attract such young people.

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