• Robert Xu

Is the acrylic bottle only a container?

Although the manufacturer uses a cosmetic container acrylic bottle to package the emulsion product, the basic purpose is to use it as a container, but the main purpose is still to take advantage of the appearance of the bottle, thereby effectively improving the appearance of the product. Specifically, in terms of the application of the bottle, it can play the following roles in use:

Due to the material relationship, the cosmetic container acrylic bottle has its own advantages in appearance and processing, and can present a variety of colors, which are advantageous in appearance. This bottle can effectively enhance the display effect of the product when it is used.

The emulsion-like product cannot be packaged directly with a soft material like a solid product, which is not only inconvenient to store and transport, but also is not conducive to the explosion of the product. It is necessary to use a bottle such as a cosmetic container acrylic bottle to install the emulsion product. stand up. The device emulsion product is the most basic function that this bottle can play.

The effect of the emulsion product in the acrylic bottle of the cosmetic container can attract the consumer with the unique appearance of the bottle under the condition that the bottle design is optimized, thereby promoting the sales work from the product and increasing the sales volume of the product to a certain extent.

The purpose of the manufacturer's choice of using cosmetic containers for acrylic products is not to use them as containers, but to look at their properties in terms of materials, such as very good transparency. Chemical stability, easy processing, easy dyeing, etc. It is to use the bottle of this material to install the emulsion product, and also to use the appearance of the bottle in the structural shape and appearance, can display a very good visual effect, and play a very good packaging role, from the visual Enhance the appeal of the product, let consumers pay attention to this product through the attractive appearance of the bottle, and choose to buy this product.

It can be seen that the application requires the cosmetic container. The acrylic bottle not only functions as a container, but also needs to play the function of the packaging material. With its good appearance, it can play a good decorative role for the product and visually enhance the attractiveness of the product. Promote product sales.

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