• Robert Xu

How to keep acrylic cosmetic containers clean

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

The acrylic products commonly used are made of acrylic pellets, plates or resins and other raw materials, and assembled with various materials and functional parts. Acrylic fiber, acrylic cotton, acrylic yarn, acrylic nylon, etc., which are commonly heard, are man-made fibers polymerized from acrylic acid and are not associated with acrylic products.

There are such factors as movement, friction, static electricity, etc. in the process of acrylic cosmetic containers, which will cause defects in the processing of acrylic products. How do we ensure that the acrylic cosmetic container is clean and good?

First, the selection of acrylic cosmetic containers. Choose the right acrylic sheet according to the processed acrylic cosmetic bottle (domestic transparent acrylic sheet: 1.25*1.85M, 1.25*2.45M; imported transparent acrylic sheet: 2*3M).

Second, acrylic cosmetic container filler. The recycled material in acrylic is more soluble in organic solvents than the new material, so that the cracks often appear in the paint after engraving. In order to solve this problem better, we generally choose: 1. Select the resin pigment; 2 , choose amino paint (available in chemical stores); 3, after the paint is polished.

Third, the acrylic cosmetic container is scratched. For the scratches or less obvious damages of the acrylic surface of acrylic products in some acrylic cosmetic containers, you can use ordinary sandpaper to polish, and also pay attention to the circular moving sandpaper when grinding, and the fineness of the sand should be controlled well. Toothpaste can be wiped.

Fourth, acrylic cosmetics container static. Acrylic products are prone to static electricity, and then adhere to small debris or dust, so be sure to clean them with a soft cotton cloth dampened with 1% soapy water before silk screen or paint.

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