• Robert Xu

Cosmetics OEM bottle packaging materials design skills

In the packaging material planning of cosmetic OEM bottles, we must master the grade skills. If the skills are mastered, the grades of the products must be able to go up. Mastering skills should start with these three aspects, color, composition and product brand connotation.

The external packaging color of the cosmetics can clarify the packaged items inside. Allowing people to look at the outer packaging can basically perceive what is perhaps associated with the connotation of packaging. Cosmetic packaging materials manufacturers believe that many products are not showing such care links. It is impossible for consumers to think about the contents of the package from the outside to the inside. Of course, the sale of the product will not play an active promotional effect.

There is also a need to pay attention to the comparison of the surface color and color of the cosmetic packaging materials. There are many products that think this is a very simple matter in the packaging material, but in fact it is a job that is not easy to master. In the world of citations and paintings, it is often said that such a word is called "tight". In fact, it is a kind of comparison. In the packaging planning, this comparison is very obvious and very common. The color planning of cosmetic processing packaging materials generally requires the following comparison: the depth and light comparison of color application, the comparison of color and weight of color application, the comparison of color application, the comparison of color application, the comparison of color use, and the contrast of color application. Compare and so on.

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