Choosing the Perfect Makeup Jar


A makeup jar is an extremely convenient and efficient i […]

A makeup jar is an extremely convenient and efficient item to have at home. You can store almost all types of cosmetic, nail care products, hair care products as well as lotions and creams in a standard size cosmetic jar with sifter tops. The sifter tops allow you to pour the product into your jars easily without spilling or losing any of the contents. The ability to simply grab and pour into jars gives you a lot more freedom than having to sort through different jars on a shelf, sometimes for hours.

There are a variety of brands of sifter tops on the market, so you will have many options to choose from according to your budget and personal preference. You can also get plastic jars that make it even easier to store your products. However, plastic doesn’t last as long as metal. Having to constantly replace plastic jars is not very practical and can really become a hassle.

One of the best ways to store your cosmetics is to use empty dalica cosmetic jars. These are typically perfect for storing mineral makeup jars since these are usually small, airtight containers. They can be stacked on top of one another to keep the lid closed and prevent spills from happening. Some women use empty mineral makeup jars in their purses to hold lip liners, blush, foundation and concealers.

Plastic sieves are excellent for packaging loose powder in your travel makeup container. There are a variety of brands available, ranging from small sieves that fit perfectly into travel baggies to larger models capable of fitting into the shoulder strap of a handbag. A sieve is especially handy when you need to sift through chunky bulk powders. You can sift out the chunky stuff without having to disturb the fine powder.

Another great travel storage option for your loose powder is the plastic sieve. Jars can be purchased in almost any size, with some being quite large. You can even buy a sieve that is perfect for sifting through chunky bulk powder. These are inexpensive plastic jars that can also be used for packaging loose facial creams, moisturizers and lotions.

Plastic jars are perfect for travel, because they are lightweight and don’t break easily. You can purchase sieves in many different styles, including the original style which looks like a decorative birdbath. You can also purchase jars that look more like the traditional spice jar, with a long handle and a plastic door with a divider. You can even get ones that have clear windows, to show off your beautiful makeup. If you purchase these jars in a transparent plastic, you will be able to see the contents clearly, making it easier to find your product. Many of these jars come with a built in sieve as well, making sifting out your powder easy and quick.

Plastic containers are another great option for carrying make up in. You can purchase make up jars in a variety of styles and sizes, including those with lids, those with short handles, and those that double as mini pail toppers for those hard to reach eye shadows or blushes. They can be purchased in many different colors as well, and you can choose from styles like clear or frosted, with or without doors.

No matter which type of Makeup Jar you choose to carry around, there will be plenty of uses for it. Most make up lovers will use their jars for traveling and storing products for months at a time. However, it is important to keep your make up in good condition after each use. Following this simple maintenance routine will help to extend the life of your container, and keep it looking brand new for much longer.