How to solve the problem of deformation of plastic cosmetic tubes in the production process


For plastic cosmetic tubes, the following requirements […]

For plastic cosmetic tubes, the following requirements must be met.

1. Safe, will not harm human health, will not release harmful substances,

2. The contents and the cosmetic tube must not dissolve each other, especially some cosmetic products that contain liquid ingredients. Plastic cosmetic tubes are not compatible with certain liquids,

3. The price cost of plastic cosmetic tube packaging should not be too high, otherwise it will not be conducive to the price of cosmetics more affordable, and it will also make cosmetic manufacturers have pricing difficulties and lose their due advantage in market competition.

So, what kind of plastic cosmetic tube is better on the market? First of all, pet plastic cosmetic tube is transparent and stable in material, which is conducive to the packaging of various liquid cosmetics. It is currently the most widely used packaging material. Secondly, PE plastic cosmetic tubes are mainly used for the packaging of solid or powder cosmetics, which are also commonly used in the market. Finally, PP plastic cosmetic tube packaging is more suitable for the packaging of cream cosmetics.

Plastic tube is a kind of container with high hardness and beautiful appearance. It is suitable for different industries, especially in the cosmetics industry. It can be seen in everyone’s life, and it is inseparable from plastic tube. From the perspective of use, the common shapes of plastic tubes are round, square, oval, etc. They all have their own advantages. You can choose different shapes of plastic tubes according to different usage needs and customer preferences, and even corporate culture. . This not only meets market demand, but also greatly stimulates consumers’ desire to consume.

The wall thickness of the plastic tube must be uniform, the printing surface must be flat, and the plastic tube containing the liquid must have a reinforced structure such as handles and grooves. In the production process, in order to prevent deformation, some measures need to be taken to solve such problems. There are two main methods.

1. Hot filling deformation: try to fill at room temperature. In order to achieve this goal, the circulation pipeline can be extended or a cooling device can be added to avoid this phenomenon.

2. Weightless deformation: Choose plastic tubes made of materials with different barrier effects to achieve excellent barrier effects and reduce deformation.

Generally speaking, plastic tubes are widely used in different industries. As a mainstream packaging form, they are favored by the market. It plays an important role in the packaging market. Especially in the cosmetics industry, colorful products and designs of different shapes have fully explored the magical effects of cosmetic plastic tubes. Coupled with the superior performance of plastic tubes, they are sought after by manufacturers in all walks of life.