Cosmetic packaging and fashion features


Maybe not everyone agrees that cosmetics are not a nece […]

Maybe not everyone agrees that cosmetics are not a necessity. Those high-quality brand-name cosmetics have always been a symbol of luxury. They are not only the main content of fashion magazines, but also the most exposed areas for celebrities and models. The classic cosmetic packaging reflects the perfect combination of technology and fashion.

Generally speaking, cosmetics include skin care products, beauty salons and perfumes. Various skin care creams, night creams, SOD honey and sunscreen can be included in the list of skin care products.

Features of cosmetic packaging

Since cosmetics often represent fashion, fashion or fashion, cosmetic packaging is almost equally important in terms of protection, function and decoration. Cosmetic packaging has always been the most active product on the market, not only with fast product updates, avant-garde design, but also high-level production requirements.

Cosmetic packaging does not require any chemical or biological reactions with the contents; secondly, it is convenient to use, the packaging usually has two sealing functions to achieve a certain degree of durability; the other is that it has very good sales. The decoration of the packaging is very demanding and the manufacturing is very delicate. The packaging cost of many high-end cosmetics is even higher than the product itself.

For cosmetic packaging design, its product characteristics determine that its design is a design that integrates commercial and cultural, artistic and scientific, aesthetic and interesting.

Cosmetics are personal products that have more contact with consumers and are more direct. It has many varieties and detailed classifications, and the target of each product is becoming more and more clear. Therefore, for a particular cosmetic packaging design, there must be a clearer design direction and publicity goal, and the product information delivered to consumers should be specific and very clear. It is precisely because cosmetics are targeted and purposeful, so when designing, you must first locate, then design, to achieve a targeted. The packaging design of cosmetics can determine the design factors and design style according to the different attributes, grades, sales areas and consumer objects of the products

Whether the cosmetic packaging design is successful

It depends on whether the judgment of the market is accurate. Only by doing comprehensive and careful market research can we make accurate judgments and carry out accurate positioning design. Market research must first understand the consumer’s ethnicity, age, gender, occupation, status, hobbies, customs, and also understand the consumer’s cultural background, religious beliefs, economic level, living habits, consumer psychology and aesthetic needs:

Secondly, we must grasp the proportion of the product in the market and the characteristics and advantages of the product;

Production capacity, scale, equipment and management of the production enterprise:

To understand the relevant information of the competitor and its position in the competition:

Understand the relevant market laws and regulations and the development trend of cosmetic packaging design.

Designers must formulate design goals based on customer requirements, market conditions, and consumption trends. Therefore, designers and enterprises are not only the relationship between service and being served, but also a relationship of mutual influence and mutual restraint. It is necessary to truthfully reflect the requirements of the enterprise, communicate with the enterprise, and create a common idea.

In short, the designer should observe the product and market effect from a holistic perspective, so that the product has its own unique personality, not only must be able to make comprehensive considerations from the standpoint of the target consumer, but also comprehensively plan from the standpoint of the enterprise , Create better corporate benefits.